8 Makeup Tips To Rediscover Your Individual Beauty for Women 40+

February 27, 2022

8 Makeup Tips To Rediscover Your Individual Beauty for Women 40+

1/ Importance of SKIN care - HYDRATION

 Caring for your skin will make all the difference to how your makeup will look and feel on your face. As we get older our skin DOES change and having a consistent skincare routine that will nourish and keep skin smooth will be the key for luminous skin.


 2/ Do you need Eyeshadow?

Don't contour in the crease -  it will give the appearance of deepening the crease which can make eyes look more hollow and smaller.


3/ STAY away from shimmer/glitter!

Any sparkles will only accentuate the fine lines and wrinkles. Using a Satin Textured product works best and still luminates the skin.


4/ Use Hydrating and Dewy Foundations instead of matte or powders.

Use less makeup- you can always apply more. Choosing Luminous Satin Textured Cream Base Foundations that are buildable and breathable.


 5/ Give Brows more depth

 Define brows without creating a brow that’s not even there… Using brow powder/cream gives you more flexibility on being able to thicken up the brow in a subtle way.



As we age, our lips can get smaller. Darker lipstick colours will make them look thinner. Lipglosses may bleed more likely than lipsticks.



Using Collagen Fibre lash Mascara will help with Lengthening and Thickening the lashes. I recommend using Black and build up the depth as desired.


8/ Use cream blush to add extra hydration and youth back into skin.

Don’t contour, as we age our face becomes thinner, so apply a cream blush to create warmth and glow. Blend Blush upwards along cheekbones to lift. It will add a more radiance glow to your skin. As we lose our warmth in our skin as we get older, using a cream blush with a warm undertone will also neutralise any redness in our cheeks.