Morgan Annie's philosopy is about going natural, not invisible. Defining and enhancing your best features, and nourishing and freshening skin for a healthy glow.

The best place to start is to simplify your cosmetics bag, so

Our 3 must have products for PROAGE are
MA Cream Multistick (lips,eye, cheeks)
Mineral Cream Foundation

Follow these 5 makeup tips for applying makeup as we age:

  • Dont darken your creases as it will make the eyes look smaller, more droopy and accentuate the protuding brow bone.
  • Stay away from shimmer -  this will accentuate lines
  • Choose breathable, buildable cream base cosmetics
  • Choose non-toxic active skincare - hydration is the key
  • Choose lighter lip colours or similar colour as your inner lip oppose to darker which will make lips appear smaller